Maple Ridge 2011 Elections

The results are now in! Congratulations to all those that won and many thanks to those that tried and failed.

The new council has the approval of 39.29% of the voting population. In 2008 they had the approval of 47.40% of the voting population.

We have posted a table the breakdown here. All of the candidates who ran this year and in 2008 saw a decrease in their vote percentage. It looks like the very large number of candidates running confused just about everybody.

Updated Nov 20th 2011


28 candidates! Confused? Join the club.
This site is intended to help sort out the good from the bad. There is not much more important to our daily lives than what happens at the big building on Dewdney Trunk Road.

In order to better understand the agendas of council candidates, several Neighbourhood Associations have compiled a list of questions.
We asked a lot of tough questions and the answers that we are receiving are very revealing about the candidates.
The responses that we receive from candidates are being posted on this site.

There are no shortage of challenging issues to be dealt with in Maple Ridge and the need for visionary leadership has never been greater. So we hope that you will take the time to read carefully the answers.

We would like to thank the candidates that have replied. We understand that the demands on the time of candidates are great and we really appreciate the quality, depth and thoughtfulness of the answers.